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Why GroupHousing

GroupHousing's expertise helps clients elevate the attendees and spectator experience while improving revenue generation. We do this by being committed to the following:

  • Deliver outstanding customer service to attendees, facilities and events.
  • Be a partner who functions as an extension of each client's staff.
  • Maximize the benefits of all housing blocks and sub-blocks.
  • Ensure high-value concessions from our hotels (e.g. comp rooms, etc.)
  • Deliver event reports that can be accessed by our clients through a secure log-in during and after each event.

How we work:

Each of GroupHousing's clients has the services below if needed. These services include:

  1. City RFP distribution for cites to bid on the events.
  2. Venue Selection and contract assistance.
  3. Working with local Convention & Visitors Bureau or Sports Commission
  4. Site Inspections with client to proposed cities.
  5. Hotel contract negotiation & signing of all contracts
  6. Staff rooming list processing.
  7. Onsite Support at each event if needed.
  8. Pre-con meeting 45 days out of each event with hotels Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) or Sports Commission.
  9. Event invoicing for client
  10. Economic impact reporting to client and local Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) or Sports Commission.

Guaranteed Lowest Rate for all attendees:

Our software and company makes sure that your attendees are guaranteed the lowest rate for any hotel that we contract for your event.