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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a housing bureau? And why should I use one for my event?

GroupHousing maintains strong, professional relationships with major hotel chains. In return for a contractually obligated guaranteed lowest rate, we are able to bring them the business they need to be successful. GroupHousing's unique automated booking process makes it easier for our hotel partners, as well as attendees, benefitting all parties involved.

When is the best time to engage GroupHousing for my event?

GroupHousing recommends engaging a housing bureau before event dates have been finalized, and at least 4-6 months prior to the event date. This allows us to counsel you on which dates should be avoided due to heavy tourism/convention times, negotiate the lowest rate and contract terms, and make booking as easy as possible for your attendees.

When should attendees/teams start making reservations for the event?

Attendees and/or teams should start booking hotel reservations as soon as the event dates, city and location have been determined. Depending on the area, time of year and the size of your event, hotel rooms fill up fast with the most desirable options going first.

Does GroupHousing charge attendees for hotel fees?

No, the hotel charges attendees for rooms. However, GroupHousing must have a credit card to secure and book rooms. We will never share your information with a third-party and your credit card information is confidential and secure.

How do you increase event revenues and reduce event costs?

Because we work with reputable, large events, our hotel partners are motivated to provide booking incentives to clients - including comp (free) rooms for staff and other hotel concessions (meals, meeting space, etc.) that event organizers would typically pay for. They also provide a rebate for each room booked, enabling GroupHousing's clients to get a commission on hotel stays while still providing the lowest possible guaranteed rate to attendees.

How does GroupHousing provide these services free of charge?

GroupHousing fosters strong, professional, value-driven relationships with each of our hotel partners. We receive a commission for the business we deliver to these partners and for the streamlined booking services we provide - but never at the expense of the attendee. Our clients and attendees are always guaranteed the lowest possible hotel rate.