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Our technology can give each of our customers customized white label hotel landing pages. The technology makes sure that all rates are guaranteed the lowest rate for all your attendees.

We give your attendees real time availability and hotel reviews, so they can make their decision on what is best for their group or team. Our software is built for the user in mind and the event director.

Event directors have access to real time reporting for rebates/commissions, complimentary rooms, hotel block pickup, and attendees/teams that have booked.

Let us know if we can do a demo for you. Please send us an email or call 888-290-3210.


We provide 24/7, online access to event reports. Event director(s) can access these reports at any time before, during and after an event. Please see the end of this proposal to view samples of our detailed reporting. These reports include the following:

  1. Rooms Report
  2. Complimentary Rooms (with access to enter names & receive confirmations)
  3. List of Hotels
  4. Points Report
  5. Potential/Actualized Rebate Revenue Report
  6. Economic Impact Report

PCI Compliance:

Our technology is compliant for all transactions. This is the security standard for all online transactions for your attendees.